If you research grazing platters, a lot of the most mouth-watering images come back on round platters! I have been trialling these at home and on friends and lots of my lovely customers have been asking me to offer these, so……you asked, and I responded.

I am now offering 12″ round grazing platters/grazing boards to order now for £30. These contain 3 speciality cheeses, cured meats, antipasti items, crackers, chutney, crudités and fresh fruit. They cater for 2-3 people so perfect for those small gatherings. Order one today: https://grazederbyshire.co.uk/place-my-order

Our grazing boards are a thing of beauty. Not just a cheese board they are lovingly put together with the freshest ingredients arranged to tempt you in! They are very fasionable for entertaining at the moment and I just love putting them together for you. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements, likes/dislikes so I can create the perfect grazing item for your event…Enquiries@grazederbyshire.co.uk.

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